The Story Behind AD CYX

The Story Behind AD CYX

The Story Behind AD CYX




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Newton’s first law of motion implies that things can’t start, stop, or change direction all by themselves. It requires an external force to cause change. An object will maintain a constant velocity – if that velocity is zero, then the object remains at rest. If an additional external force is applied, the velocity will change because of the force.

A graph is a universal tool used to communicate information and demonstrate change. To alter your positioning, you have to identify where you fit on the “X-” and “Y-” axis of your industry and get to your desired point, and beyond, from point 0 – the centre, called “C”.

AD (pronounced /æd/) – An abbreviation for the words advert, advertisement, advertising; relating to promotion and positive PR of a valuable product or service.

CYX (pronounced /sɪks/) – Rhymes with mix, fix and tricks; our own unique abbreviation for the universal principles of graphs and infinity.

As our name suggests, we're a bit different from your average advertising agency. We want to be the external force that drives your business’ success into a new norm – one where you get the best equation to infinite success as you journey through the universal graph of your industry.

Math is at our core

Math is a language that transcends language and culture.

When it comes to advertising, everyone understands the impact of numbers – audience reach, money spent, and ROI.

That's why we use mathematics as a lens for looking at the world – we believe that numbers and analytics empower us and our brand to create more relevant and meaningful work than ever before.

Did You Know

That a ‘jiffy’ is a real unit of time? Physicists calculate it as the time that light takes to travel the radius of an electron, which is a fraction of a second. We might not move that fast, but we promise to provide the closest human equivalent to service in a jiffy.

How To Work With Us


With AD CYX, you get a fresh, young approach backed by decades of experience and deep strategic insights.

Step 1.

Connect With Us

Reach out to us via email, WhatsApp or social media chat to schedule a casual, no- obligation discovery call.

Step 2.

Review Our Marketing Proposal

We’ll send you a high-level strategy and itemised quote. We’ll customise our solutions until it’s “just right” for you.

Step 3.

We Will Get Things Done

When we’ve got the green light, it’s all systems go. We’ll have your strategy and monthly reporting in operation in a jiffy*.